Over 1000 advertisers trust us each month…….Why?


Community Connection

Our stations are an integral part of our local community. Either through sponsoring events or being involved in major community initiatives. We understand our local communities, which means we engage well with our community. Our community are the people that we want to shop with your business, so the better we engage with them, the more likely they are to engage with your brand.

Live and Local

A focus on live and local content means that we report on news and information which is relevant to our local audience. We have a major focus on our announcers being live in your market – which also means that they understand the community a lot better than broadcasting from an office in another state.


Radio is all about emotion.  Our listeners buy on emotion and we know that people are moved by emotion.  That’s why radio is the best medium in evoking positive emotions.  Radio does this through the music we play and the promotions that we run. We make people feel good about themselves and if people feel good, then there is a chance that they will feel good about visiting your store or buying your products.

Radio is Everywhere

People still wake up to their radios. Radio surrounds them throughout the day. You don’t throw your radio away at the end of the day. Radio doesn’t clog up your letterbox. People want to listen to radio, it becomes their friend. Listeners want to be informed, entertained and hear their favorite announcers and their favorite songs. 

The better we engage with people, the better chance of your message getting across to them and meaning something to them – that is what advertising is all about.

That’s why Radio is the answer to your local marketing needs.


Additional reference download and read Radio Most Trusted and Authentic from CRA

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